It's the honor of a lifetime that pastors and leaders would trust us with opportunities to speak into the soul of their church or team. We don't take it lightly.

While every need is different, here are some of the most common ways we've found ourselves adding value in local churches:


Church Assessments
Observation of weekend services and team, with debrief following. 

Commonly referred to as "secret shopping," on-site church assessments usually include the following:

  • Initial interview with Lead Pastors
  • Interviews with key team members and decision makers
  • Observation of church services (speaking or observing)
  • Debrief with Lead Pastors to discuss findings
  • Team training or volunteer rally


Coaching (on-site)
Mid-week coaching with a lead pastor and/or church staff team.

On-site coaching needs can often include:

  • Personality and strengths assessment of team members
  • Team structure and reorganization
  • Executive coaching for Lead Pastors
  • Individual coaching for team members


Coaching (remote)
Video-call coaching with a lead pastor or individual staff members.


To discuss your unique needs and interest, contact us and let's have a conversation!